Gordon Winarick (b. 1994) is a multidisciplinary American artist who specializes in painting, sculpture, and film making. Self-taught, his work brings traditional painting techniques into contemporary art by using a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials. His focus on light, color, shape, texture, and scale creates emotionally charged and personal pieces that challenge the viewer to turn inward for meaning. He sees art as a “discussion with one’s self” and aims to create visual moments for meditation.Winarick's artistic practice is based on storytelling through multiple mediums. He believes that each medium benefits the other and that his work in film, sculpture and painting all inform one another, creating a richer narrative. 

He uses his experience in acting and film-making to bring movement, emotion and character development to his visual art, while his paintings and sculptures inform the visual language of his films. He has a unique ability to translate the same story through different mediums, and to create a cohesive narrative that spans across them all.

In addition to his artistic practice, Winarick has a deep love for films and a great respect for the cinematic greats. He draws inspiration from classic films and the master filmmakers of the past, and incorporates the techniques and storytelling methods of these greats into his own work.After leaving traditional education, he studied acting at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England. He has appeared in TV and film projects such as the David Weil created Hunters (Amazon Prime), The Goldfinch (Amazon Studios) and The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (Hulu). He currently resides in Los Angeles, where he continues to develop his artistic practice and storytelling through multiple mediums, while paying homage to the films and filmmakers that have inspired him.

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